About Us

The door is the business card of every house!

Whether it is the entrance or the interior, it will be the first to be admired by visitors.

TESAND is a follower of the "You choose, we create!"

If you are looking for laminated wood interior doors or metal exterior doors, for your project or for your home, or you want to sell this kind of products and you have not yet crossed our threshold, well, we look forward to seeing you!

Our doors are distinguished by an elegant exterior design and high quality indicators, which brings them appreciation from customers. In the production of doors, TESAND skillfully combines natural materials and modern technology.

The base of any interior door sheet is solid pine, complete with MDF elements and special finishes made of PVC or paint. The exterior doors from TESAND are particularly safe, with a metal base, but at the same time they are very elegant, with finishes similar to the interior ones, integrating very well in your project.

All these make the difference and help us deliver the best doors, at affordable prices.

Weaving, you choose, we create!

Company Tesand

The advantages that our company offers you will convince you to choose our doors!

Permanent stock for all models and accessories
Technical assistance in solving problems
Support in choosing the optimal solutions
Time saving - in the showroom and on our website - you can see all the door models in one place
Money saving - we offer you the best conditions for purchasing doors and affordable prices.
Promotions for all door models Periodic. TESAND rewards its customers with prices with up to 50% discount.