Model: KM-039 Color:Walnut

Door type


1650 MDL

The package contains

√ frame
√ door leaf
√ sills on one side (2.5 pcs)
√ rubber gasket on the heel
√ padlock with stainless steel handles
√ hinges (3 pcs)

Door Size (Sheet + Frame) *


68 x 203 cm
78 x 203 cm
88 x 203 cm

Handle and locking system (rosette) *

  • Additional options

    If you want to additionally purchase window sills, sills, or frame extensions, check your options below!


    On the second side (+ 60 lei)


    With threshold 1m (+ 60 lei)

    Heel extension

    Heel extension set 17 cm (+ 60 lei)

    Product description

    The door leaf has a wooden frame and is made of 6 mm HDF boards, covered with PVC foil applied by heating. The door frame is made of wood and HDF boards covered with PVC foil, which gives it high strength and stability.


    Made of non-toxic materials

    Resistance to use

    Easy to clean and maintain

    Door height (with frame): 2030 mm

    Door width (with frame): 680, 780, 880, 1250 mm

    Door thickness: 40 mm

    Heel width: 100 mm

    Heel thickness: 40 mm

    Threshold width: 60 mm

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