Model:Elza Color:oak

Door type


1000 MDL

The package contains

(Русский) √ tocul
√ foaia de ușă
√ pervazuri pe o parte (2,5 buc)
√ garnitură de cauciuc pe toc
√ lacăt cu mînere din oțel inoxidabil
√ balamale (2buc)

Door Size (Sheet + Frame) *

75x203 cm

Handle and locking system (rosette) *

  • L 153
  • L 087
  • L 226
  • L 004
  • L 301
  • Additional options

    Heel extension

    (Русский) Сет для удлинения 15 cm
    (Русский) Сет для удлинения 25 cm

    Product description

    Doors in this category are produced in Ukraine.

    The door leaf is made of wooden bars, covered with MDF boards and laminated with luxury PVC foil (high quality). Thanks to a special technology of joining wooden bars and MDF boards, the deformation of the door is prevented over time.

    The door frame is made of wood and MDF boards covered with luxury PVC foil (high quality), which gives it high strength and stability.

    The door is packed in heat-shrinkable foil and protected with cardboard corners.

    Thanks to the creative design and advanced technology, the doors in this category satisfy all tastes, from “classic” to “modern”, and are synonymous with reliability, progress and innovation.


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