Mодель: D-171 Цвет:Tик/ бежевый

Тип двери


5950 MDL

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Door height (with frame): 2050 mm
Door width (with frame): 860 mm
Door leaf thickness: 82 mm
Heel width: 80 mm
Threshold width: 80 mm

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Описание товара

Doors in this category represent Metal entrance doors, produced in Ukraine, with complex metal structure, insulated with mineral wool, covered with MDF boards, laminated with high quality PVC foil.

They have a varied, pleasant and useful design, which allows both to protect your home and to keep the much desired warmth and peace in it.


Opening: left / right

Opening angle: 180 degrees

Door frame and leaf: complex thick sheet metal construction

Exterior: MDF board (thickness 10-12 mm) covered with high quality PVC foil

Interior: MDF board (thickness 10-12 mm) covered with high quality PVC foil

Insulation: mineral wool

Rubber lining: all around the perimeter of the frame and door leaf

Viewfinder with wide field of view;

Round finish handle — satin stainless steel;

High strength visible hinges — 2 pcs

Two locking systems of the highest quality

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